About Belinda

Belinda is a passionate Jewelry Designer who resides in Florida, United States. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, her love for creativity began early on. Because her parents were European she spent a lot of time traveling throughout Europe, including Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Italy which exposed her to a variety of fashion-forward cultures and in turn fueled Belinda’s artistic drive and inspired Bedazzling By Belinda’s distinctive branding.

Knowing no limits and yearning for opportunity, Belinda ventured off to the United States, leaving her hometown with only a suitcase. Soon after her big move, her life was turned upside-down as soon as she was notified of the untimely passing of her parents in a heartbreaking car accident. It was this very event that changed her life forever, yielding her a new perspective in life and an insatiable hunger to honor her beloved parents through her passion. From that point forward, Belinda made a promise to herself: her dream would become a reality! No matter what it took and she would create a legacy that they would be very proud of.

In spite of everything that transpired, Belinda’s desire to live her dream has been unwavering since day one. For the past two decades, she has happily lived in Florida with her lovely daughter and has built her brand from the ground up. And what began as a mere hobby, has now transformed into an ever-evolving jewelry empire.

Specializing in handmade jewelry, elegant lingerie, and the art of beauty, Bedazzling by Belinda is headquartered in Orlando and Miami. But just like her love for creating, Bedazzling by Belinda is actively expanding into other global markets. What sets this jewelry company apart from the rest is the consistent dedication to top-notch quality and intricate craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece. 

Belinda’s top priority is bringing out the innate beauty that is within all women. She has made it her life’s purpose to make every woman feel confident and special within their unique beauty. But she doesn’t want to limit it to just Florida. Belinda aims to empower women on a global scale, spreading the symbol of strength, elegance, and beauty through her one-of-a-kind brand.

Join Belinda and the Bedazzling by Belinda team on this wonderful journey. It’s time to discover what it is that makes YOU uniquely beautiful and to celebrate it!


Bedazzling by Belinda